Encapsula NanoSciences is formulator and manufacturer of hundreds of liposome based reagent kits and custom made formulations for universities, research institutes and biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

Encapsula NanoSciences LLC has established an annual award for young graduate students and postdocs to attend Biophysical Society annual meeting. The award will recognize exceptional young researchers beginning their career in liposomal science. Each year three individuals will receive $1,000 each making the total honorarium awarded $3,000.

The Encapsula Award will be bestowed on individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement and drive as well as a passion for excellence and ambition. More specifically, candidates nominated for this award should have experience within biophysical research and show promise in liposome science. Candidates should also show an aptitude for leadership and prominence within the scientific community. In order to encourage the next generation of researchers the Encapsula Award is specifically geared towards young, innovative students and postdoctoral candidates that are starting their careers as liposomal scientists.


  1. Three letters in support of the nomination, one which must be written by the nominator (no more than three letters in total)
  2. A copy of the nominee’s CV/biosketch, not to exceed four pages
  3. A 300-word maximum paragraph summarizing the nominee’s overall contributions and impact

Deadline: September 1st, 2020

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