Encapsula NanoSciences is a nanotechnology research and development company that provides scientific service to over a thousand universities, research institutes, government laboratories, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in five continents for over 16 years.

Encapsula NanoSciences is the formulator and manufacturer of Clodronate liposomes (Clodrosome®), control liposomes for Clodrosome (Encapsome®), Doxorubicin liposomes (Doxosome), surface active liposomes for antibody and peptide conjugation (Immunosome®), DNA and RNA liposomes (Genesome®), fluorescent liposomes (Fluoroliposome®), freeze-dried liposome kits for ATP loading (ATPsome®) and various formulations of liposomes used as artificial cell models (Cellsome®).

If your research project requires a liposome formulation, but you do not have the necessary equipment or expertise in your lab, we can provide the liposomes to move your research forward.

If your company goals include initiating or continuing a product development project involving liposomes, we can assist with evaluating intellectual property, as well as planning and executing R & D projects involving liposome technology.

Encapsula NanoSciences provides development solutions, contract research services and patent due diligence services.

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