Encapsula NanoSciences originally started as a contract research and development company. We have done research work for clients in government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, food and nutraceutical sectors. If you would like to discuss contract research for your company contact us at info@encapsula.com to schedule a conference call in order to discuss your project.

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Mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement

and fax (615-250-8747) or email (info@encapsula.com) it to us before scheduling the conference call.

Formulation development

Each liposome formulation is unique just as each active encapsulated molecule is unique. Formulation projects start with a strategic formulation plan. The formulation strategy is the result of a thorough analysis of the preformulation data report. At Encapsula we are capable of doing any type of pre-clinical formulation development such serum stability studies, optimization of encapsulation efficiency, physical and chemical stability studies and scale up.

Patent due diligence services

It is common in today’s biotechnology industry for companies to license or purchase the rights to a patented technology developed by either another company or a university. In some cases the patented technology may be developed through a contractual arrangement between companies or a company and university. In both cases it is necessary for the entity licensing or purchasing the technology to perform due diligence of the data and claims presented in the patent in order to ensure first of all, that the processes and results described in the patent claims are reproducible outside of the lab in which the technology was developed. Secondly, the product described in the claims should be well characterized to ensure that it performs as described in the patent. Due diligence should always occur prior to licensing or purchasing the rights to a patent. Due diligence can also assist the management in deciding whether or not to initiate or continue development of a patented technology that is already owned by the company.

In many instances the expertise to perform due diligence on a particular patent is not available within the licensing entity’s staff. This is particularly true for more esoteric technologies such as liposomology. The scientists at Encapsula NanoSciences can provide this expertise for all types of patents related to the field of liposomes. It is often possible for our liposome scientists to detect atypical or suspicious procedures and results by critically reading the issued patent or patent application. The scientist can then consult the literature and plan appropriate experiments which may include not only simply repeating the process outlined in the patent, but also adding more intensive characterization of the product(s) of the process(es). Upon completion of these experiments, Encapsula’s scientists will present the client with objective data on the process(es) and product(s) of the patent and may be able to suggest ways to strengthen the patent.

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