Encapsula NanoSciences is formulator and manufacturer of hundreds of liposome based reagent kits and custom made formulations for universities, research institutes and biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

Business development with universities and research institutes:

Encapsula NanoSciences has extensive collaboration with academic research laboratories. We are always interested in learning more about the liposome based technologies that are available for licensing or further development.

Business development with industry:

Encapsula NanoSciences is always eager to develop joint ventures with various industries such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, food and food additive companies, nutraceutical and food supplement companies as well as cosmetic companies that use or are interested in using liposome based formulations in their final products.

To set up an appointment to visit us or to have a conference call in order to discuss the potential collaboration please contact us by email at info@encapsula.com.

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