Encapsula NanoSciences is always looking for talented professionals to work in a rapidly growing, results-oriented, progressive R&D environment.

Encapsula NanoSciences takes pride in creating the highest quality biomaterial available to scientists and researchers around the globe.

If you enjoy the challenge and fulfillment of working in a diverse, competitive, innovative environment, please submit your resume to info@encapsula.com

We are always looking for bright, reliable, and energetic scientists who want to make a difference in the world for a variety of positions.

Encapsula NanoSciences is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate with regard to an employee’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or age. The company strictly prohibits discrimination among employees or job applicants on these bases. No consideration whatsoever will be given to the above mentioned character descriptions in hiring, disciplining, promoting, transferring, or terminating employees.

Science can not be done without the contribution of the qualified scientists from all over the world. Encapsula NanoSciences accepts resume from the scientists around the world.

Currently open positions:

  • Liposome Scientist/Membrane Biophysicist

Please email your resume to info@encapsula.com

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