Orders for in stock items confirmed before 5pm CST/CDT (GMT -06:00/-5:00) Monday thru Saturday will be shipped on the same day that the order is confirmed unless a future shipping date is requested.

  • You will receive a tracking number once your order is confirmed.
  • All subsequent shipping inquiries should be directed to the carrier.
  • Encapsula NanoSciences has no control over delays due to inclement weather or Customs clearance.
  • Contact FedEx or DHL with your tracking number to confirm that your shipment will arrive as scheduled.
  • The preferred carrier for international shipments is DHL unless otherwise specified to be shipped with FedEx

Shipping Options and Costs

If you are ordering through the e-commerce site, the shipping cost is added to the order. For custom-made formulation requests, the shipping charges are listed in the chart below.

Delivery by: Price Service
3:30 pm next day $60 FedEx Standard Overnight: US Only
10:30 am next morning $75 FedEx Priority Overnight: US Only
Contact FedEx $100 FedEx or DHL International: Canada
Contact FedEx $135 FedEx or DHL International: All Other Countries

If you prefer your Fedex or DHL account to be charged please send that account information along with your purchase order. Some countries are unable to use the e-commerce website. In this case please email your credit card information to or fax it to (615) 250-8747.

Shipping Restrictions

Note that we are unable to ship any packages to countries that are subject to US export controls (EAR/ITAR) and embargoes (OFAC). For more information visit the U.S. Department of Treasury website


Liposome products must be maintained at 4°C and NEVER FROZEN!

Shipped products are packed in styrofoam boxes with cold packs which should properly maintain the liposomes for at least 3 days under normal transit conditions.

Upon receipt of package:

Inspect package for signs of exposure to extreme conditions (excess heat, excess moisture, freezing, etc.) and ensure that vials are intact. If packaging is seriously damaged or otherwise suspect, immediately report damage to courier (usually Federal Express at 1-800-463-3339), then contact Encapsula NanoSciences to arrange a replacement delivery using the following form:


Liquid liposome formulations should always be stored at in the dark at 4°C, except when brought to room temperature for brief periods prior to animal dosing. DO NOT FREEZE. If the liposome suspension is frozen, the encapsulated drug can be released from the liposomes thus limiting its effectiveness. Encapsula NanoSciences is not responsible for results generated by frozen or otherwise mishandled product.