Our Products

Encapsula NanoSciences is a specialty company focused on providing research, development and manufacturing expertise in the production of liposome formulations to clients and partners in both the academic and industrial sectors. The following list is an example of the formulations that are made routinely for our clients mainly in university research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

1. Plain Liposomes as Artificial Cell Models or as Control

2. Small Molecules Encapsulated into Liposomes

  • Clodronate Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Antibiotic Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Anti-tumor Drugs Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Antioxidant Liposomes
  • NSAIDs Encapsulated Liposomes
  • ATP Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Hemoglobin Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Vitamin Encapsulated Liposomes
  • Other Types of Molecules Encapsulated into the Liposomes

3. Magnetic Liposomes

4. Fluorescent Liposomes

5. Spin labeled Liposomes

6. Encapsulation of Genetic Materials into the Liposomes

7. Liposomes used for Electro-Injection

8. Long-Circulating Sterically Protected Liposomes

9. Surface Modification of Liposomes

  • Incorporation of the Proteins into the Liposomes
  • Binding of Proteins and Peptides to Liposomes via Amino Acid Groups
  • Binding of Proteins and Peptides to Liposomes via Sulfhydryl Groups
  • Binding of Carbohydrates and other Small Molecules to the Liposomal Surface

10. pH Sensitive Liposomes (PSL)

11. Freeze-Dried Liposomal Systems