Encapsula NanoSciences Announces Release of Two New Products

Encapsula NanoSciences, a company specializing in liposome research and development, announces the release of two new liposome-based products for consumer use.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (July 1, 2014) – Encapsula NanoSciences announces the release of two new liposome-based products; Curcusome® and TaurosomeTM. Curcusome® or liposomal curcumin is a nutraceutical supplement that comes innovatively packaged in a powder-release cap for consumer ease. TaurosomeTM or liposomal taurine is a human grade cat food additive meant to increase the health and wellness in cats of all ages. Both formulations were recently presented at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) conference as part of the microencapsulation in food applications preparation course. Members of the IFT received the two new products with zeal and enthusiasm excited about the advanced use of liposomal technology to enhance the bioavailability of each product's active ingredient.

“We are excited about the new possibilities that these two products will offer,” explains Dr. Zahra Mirafzali, the chief executive officer at Encapsula NanoSciences, located in Nashville, Tenn. “We are happy with the time invested into these two new products and what they will provide to consumers.”

Curcumin is a fat-soluble molecule that when taken on its own is poorly absorbed by the body. However, when taken in the liposomal formulation, as produced by Encapsula NanoSciences, the natural supplement is able to be better absorbed by the body allowing for a greater increase in health benefits. Piperine and Quercetin are also included in the formulation to further enhance metabolism of the encapsulated curumin. The formulation and the manufacturing process of Curcusome® is a proprietary process exclusive to Encapsula NanoSciences. The Curcusome® has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Taurine is an essential amino acid that is important for the proper function of many cellular functions. Smaller animals such as cats have difficulty synthesizing taurine and therefore it is essential that it is included into their diet. With insufficient amounts of taurine cats can acquire health problems such as blindness or cardiomyopathy. Encapsula NanoSciences has developed a revolutionary product that all cats will be begging for. The TaurosomeTM formulation is administered in a gravy either directly to the cat or over their food. The liposomes are used for taste masking which allows it to cover up the bitter taste of the amino acid while delivering a daily supply of the cats essential nutrients. In addition, the phospholipids that make the liposomes have great health benefits for the cats. The formulation and the manufacturing process of TaurosomeTM is a proprietary process exclusive to Encapsula NanoSciences.

Both products are now available through the company website. For more information, visit the site at:

About Encapsula NanoScience

Based in Nashville, Tennessee., Encapsula NanoScience is an American bio-nanotechnology company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of liposomes, for universities, research institutes, government laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies in over 50 countries. The liposome products include Clodrosome® (clodronate liposomes), Encapsome® (plain-control liposomes for clodronate liposomes), Doxosome™ (doxorubicin liposomes), Immunosome™ (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation), Immunodox™ (reactive liposomes for antibody,protein conjugation containing doxorubicin), Immunogene™ (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing genetic material), Immunofluor™ (reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing fluorescent molecules for tracking), Genesome™ (liposomal DNA and RNA), Fluoroliposome™ (fluorescent liposomes), Atpsome™ (ATP liposomes), Cellsome™ (plain liposomes as artificial cell models) and Cosmesome™ (liposomes used in dermatology).

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