Internship Opportunities

Encapsula NanoSciences supports and encourages young academic professionals by offering an internship program. During the internship process the individuals will receive knowledge about data analysis as well as gain hands on experience with liposome formulations. The interns will also have the opportunity to confront and solve some of the everyday operational obstacles that occur when running a laboratory and manufacturing facility.

An internship with Encapsula NanoSciences offers a diverse learning experience. The company has many on-going projects which offers the interns a behind the scenes look at project management within a laboratory setting. The knowledge gained during an internship with Encapsula NanoSciences is invaluable and the skills acquired will help in the pursuit of many future career paths. Many of the interns have even had the opportunity to gain full employment with the company after their graduation.

Most internship positions are awarded to scientific students from Tennessee universities this includes students from over 10 countries. Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) students will only be accepted from the Master’s in Science in Professional Science (MSPS) Biotechnology concentration. Encapsula NanoSciences does not accept interns from other concentrations within the MSPS masters program. Those students that are accepted as interns from MTSU’s MSPS Biotechnology program need to gain approval from Dr. Rebecca Seipelt before their internship can begin.

In you are interested in doing internship with us please contact us by email at